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Private Label Brands
1,000+ Trim & Packaging Pieces
Zumiez, a skate/surf/lifestyle chain for teens found in malls across America, develops a variety of private label brands for juniors and young men. They market several subbrands, ranging from casual streetwear to performance athletic gear, that are hung in-store next to brands like Volcom, Vans, and Adidas Skate.

Creating dozens or hundreds of pieces per brand, each button surface, zipper pull, pocket embroidery, and hangtag were thought of as one whole — some pieces live on the clothing for the life of the garment, some are immediately ripped off in the car after purchase. All of them required extensive back and forth with the factories in China, each one a little puzzle for communicating to a non-English speaker how best to build that component.

Men’s & Women’s Apparel
Eddie Bauer
Placed Graphics & Prints
While Zumiez’s and Eddie Bauer’s stores are often positioned across from each other at malls (a brilliant pairing, really, as mom can shop across the hall from her kid), they could not serve more disparate demographics: Bauer has its foot solidly in the world of Boomers, at least two generations older than your typical Zumiez shopper.

While each Eddie Bauer season produces a number of aspirational pieces centered around exotic travel destinations (Whistler in winter 08, Galápagos in summer 09), the core of Bauer’s brand has always been in their top-notch quality and customer service (people who bought packs in the 1960s are known to send them in for touch-ups to the stitching, and Bauer still gladly obliges).

T-Shirts: Placed Graphics
Outdoor Research, Power Fuzz,
Ms. Taken, and Rossignol

Placed Graphics
A graphic in the middle of your chest has a different emotional weight than the graphic design on a book you choose to buy: the book is always a separate object, at most becoming part of the architecture of your house by proudly being displayed on a shelf, but the graphic on clothing becomes a part of your identity as much as your hair color (at least for one day).

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